Does the pain of losing someone really go away?

I wonder why I asked this question. Some people might think its for stupid reasons but I’m dead serious here guys.
How do you wake up every morning and realize that person’s not there. You move through life without that person and it hurts to even step out of your house. Because if you do, the universe attacks you with its power of control, memories and feelings.
Every where you go, you are reminded of that person. The type of car the person drove, his favorite colour, her red hair with streaks of white, the way his smile made your insides do back flips, the way her hips swayed in an ancient language known to men alone, her blue coffee mug, the pink counter top on display which she loved, the smell of his cologne on random strangers on the street.

You need to realize that it might have been you, and what would that person have done if they were in your shoes.
You look at it through a different angle. They might have spent the rest of their lives unhappy, depressed, sad, living with life threatening diseases that not only drained the joy from them but also from the people around them.
Sometimes, death frees them from themselves. You need to know that no matter how it looked, some peopke where happy to die.


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