Today I woke u happy. Twas a normal day. Bitches were bitches and hoes were hoeing. I hardly get pissed. Imagine being surrounded by mediocre pussies and hoes I hate and I still do my shit.
I put my hand into my backpack and caress my neighbor’s revolver. “Oh bitches, guess christmas came early” I sing to myself in a voice only I can hear. I look up and see fucking Davidson is finished droning about her dog and its disgusting hard on. I get up from my sit, leave the class and put on my earphones. I walk down the hallway to the closest bathroom and lock myself in, take out my revolver, slip the release and check the cylinder although I know its fully loaded. I’ve never used a gun before. I bet the force will throw me off my feet when I pull the trigger.

Time to play

I have photography class next with the dogs. Just them and some other fucks. I walk into the class, deliberately late, look at them through my hooded bangs as I shut the door and turn the lock. They all stare at me with mocking expressions. I bring out my gun and I hear a bitch gasp in fear. Obviously

“That’s right”. I say as I give them my best smile. I aim at the girl with pink hair closest to the wall and pull the trigger. BANG! She drops as residues of her brain stain the wall. And BANG! another drops.
I think the skinny guy behind pink haired girl just peed his pants. Ok. Yeah. He did.


When I’m done and I’ve left the zone. I look at the scene in front of me. Its pretty impressive. I think of what’s gonna happen next. The media will dissect every reason they can think of on why I just cleansed the world. And they’ll never know. They think they will. You think you will. But only I will. I can hear screams outside the door and shouting.


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