The New Classic

Its a new year and a brand new me, or so it goes i guess. pretty sure its from Glee, the final season premiered last night.  I’m so bummed but happy because since  the death of the amazing Cory Monteith, the show just lost track of storyline and really sucked.  


      To start off my year, I’m adding a new category to share my daily jam with ya’ll. I listen to really weird stuff sometimes so sorry in advance. I’ve been hearing a lot about FKA TWIGS, mostly for dating Rob Pattinson  but I wanna know her for her music.
    I’ll also check out Hozier a lot, since I’m in love with Take me to church.



Then there’s Nick Jonas. who skied into my heart with Jealous. I seriously love that boy…… oooops “Man”.
   If you’ve got any sick jam you want me to hear, HOLLA!!!!

By Beth Murphy.
Instagram and Twitter : @alyzerbeth


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